DIALECTICS - Selman Trtovac & Radoš Antonijević (Serbia)
Exhibition of paintings & sculptures

16 - 30. November, 2009.

Opening: 16.11.2009. at 19h
Magacin u Kraljevića Marka

Radoš Antonijević and Selman Trtovac are artists which belong to the same generation. Regardless the fact, it is interesting that they studied in different time and at different places, that is they grew and were shaped differently. In spite of that, there are many elements – artistic, philosophical, social and historical – that deeply connects them and gives meaning to their mutual idea to present their work in the same space under the title Dialectics. [...]

    STEP OUT 4! (NNN+P)
Exhibition of Nemanja Nikolić & Nemanja Petrović

20.09 - 05.10.2009.

Magacin u Kraljevića Marka
Selector: Milan Bosnić

Annual group exhibition of young, anonymous artists. There have been 4 group exhibitions up till now, presenting 27 young artists. [...]